The Importance of a Home Inspection

During the process of buying Real Estate it is highly recommended to get a professional home inspection. This not only is a great negotiating tool but a important plan for the future.

Even if you plan on buying the home no matter what an inspection would determine it’s a great way to learn about one of the biggest investments you may ever make.

Here are three reasons why an inspection is so important:

1. It can reveal hidden problems or issues about the home.

This may be a great opportunity to have the seller take care of any safety hazards or problems that you may not want to. But more than that, it can sometimes save you thousands in repairs by knowing now whether buying the home is really worth it. If an inspection finds the water heater needs replacing, you may want to offer that amount less to the seller or ask them to replace it. If they refuse, you have the choice to walk away at this point unharmed. Many issues cannot be seen on the surface so if an inspector recommends a further inspection, it might be a good idea to do that. It may cost you more now but could save you thousands in repairs in the future.

2. Having an inspection can prepare you for the future.

Even if the home has some issues, if you love it anyway these may not matter. But knowing now that you will have to replace something like the furnace in the next 5 years may help you prepare for it now. By setting aside a certain amount each month earmarked for the furnace, by the time the furnace does need replacing, you will have funds necessary for it. This goes for all things that require a large investment or purchase.

3. They can reveal some serious safety and health hazards.

Most inspectors know a little something about everything but typically not everything about everything. If a further inspection is needed you are urged to get one. Many times an inspection can reveal issues such as mold, hazardous material, rotting roof or foundation or serious pest infestation. Sometimes the sellers don’t even know the issues with a home until the buyers do the inspections. Sellers are urged to get a home inspection before listing their property to address all the issues that a potential buyer could find and back out of the deal because of it.